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about Heaven’s Window

Heaven’s Window offers interactive seminars, workshops and lectures to corporations and the public on reducing stress, meditation, mindfulness, the mind-body connection, facilitating healing, goal setting, and motivation, as well as Reiki for humans and/or animals. Seminars cover a variety of subjects and can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

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My goal is to help you discover how easy it is tap into the intuitive in your everyday life: I mean your real life, the life you have now: the life of work, errands, relationships and responsibilities. You’ll discover how using your innate intuition can help you progress more effectively towards any goals you have, be they business or personal.  We’ll go in depth into the issues and challenges you’re facing now, and learn how intuition can help you move forward in to the life you’ve always wanted.

Energy work can seem esoteric – and is often presented that way – but there’s no reason that it has to be.  Anybody can do this.  You can change your life.  You can start today

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